Congratulations, on the decision you made in purchasing your condominium. Many of your fellow purchasers have found their properties have been an excellent investment. The Al Chiasson home selling team of Royal LePage Anchor have developed the Condo Advantage Program which is an innovative real estate plan to reward you when you buy or sell a property.

    Our plan will reward you with significant cash back rewards when you buy or sell property with our assistance.

    When we list your home and it sells for $200,000 you would receive $1000. If you then purchase a home with our assistance for $300,000 you would receive an additional $1500 for total cash back of $2500 to use as you wish. This reward is proportional to the value of your transactions so the cash back payment can substantially increase.

    The Al Chiasson Home Selling Team would like to help you receive your cash back. We have been the top-selling team in all Royal LePage offices in Nova Scotia for each of the past three years. Our innovative marketing plans, with heavy internet presence, have helped us to be a top seller of homes in the area. Through our VIP buyer program we have developed an extensive database of “ready to purchase buyers” for great properties.

    For those who have an interest in purchasing a property our computerized home search programs identify properties 24 hours a day that may meet your buying criteria. This gets you to the front of the line as new properties become available and our lists include bank foreclosures, company-owned properties and estate sales.

    Registration is fast and easy and can be done in one of three ways:

    1. Fill out this form and we will quickly contact you.

    3. Call us at 1-888-435-9898 and a representative will contact you shortly.

    Certain conditions may apply depending on local practices and regulations.