• Cherubini Employee Real Estate Program

    The Cherubini Group of Companies and The Al Chiasson Homeselling Team is pleased to announce a new and exciting employee benefit program. This program provides substantial discounts for all our employees and their families on their real estate transactions.

    This program allows for cost savings on any property you buy or sell and is available throughout the Atlantic Provinces in all communities.

    When you buy or sell a property you will receive a cash back non taxable payment of $500.00 for every $100,000 of sale or purchase price. It is always easier to see the benefit when we look at an example.

    John has a property in Truro that sells for 200,000 and then buys a home in Enfield for $300,000. John would receive $500.00 for each $100,000 of sale and purchase price. In this example it totals $500,000 so John would receive a payment of $2500.00

    Qualification is quick and easy. Any employee or family member will qualify. This can be done by,

    1. Calling a toll free number 1.888.435.9898 to speak directly to a service representative.

    2. Register at this dedicated web site and you will be contacted by one of our service representatives.